With my loom now set up, it’s time to start weaving. This is the fun part!

At set up stage I like to pre-plan what colours and material I would like to weave. At times the combination don’t work as well as I had envisaged but 8 out 10 times it’s a success. I’m also not one to plan the colour weaving sequence itself, I like to randomly weave each material on the fly so that it creates it’s own unique identity. Give the pieces a bespoke look; The ‘Not one alike’ approach which is 60% the focus of my work. Who wants the same as Julie Blogs from down the road!! Below are working progress photos for the first cushion colour range.


Rag-Weaving-05 Rag-Weaving-02 Rag-Weaving-01


Love using the macro lens.

Charlene -xox-