Abundance Of Planters

Over the last few weeks I have had numerous requests to participate on projects for residential and commercial space. It’s been an exciting last few weeks and I now get to show you what I have been up too.

HOUZZ USA & HOUZZ Australia DYI Macrame Plant Feature

Being a frequent user of Houzz for our current renovation, I never thought I would become a professional on their site creating a feature ideabook. The theme was Halloween and of course what better colour to celebrate for a DYI Macrame Planter then Orange and Black. Thanks Jenny & Annie for seeking me out…




hero Image copy_update

_DSC6977 copy



Google Head office Sydney

It’s not often with Macrame you get asked to create a serious of small planters for a renowned global brand like Google. Actually Im sure the odds are quite low, but I was thrilled to help out Google and Green designs for providing them a collection of white planters to bring out the luscious green foliage.

WIP Planters



Macrame Piece for Dulux

When I received a call from Bree Leech, stylist and owner of Texture Design I knew the job wasn’t going to be small. To might delight I was thrilled to take part in a collaboration project with Dulux Australia and Space furniture for Melbourne Indesign. The brief was to create a custom macramé piece for their new 2015 colour forecast. I’m sure this will be my one and probably only largest Macramé piece to make in my creative lifetime.

The brief was to create a 9 meter high Macramé rope sculpture piece that would hang from the Space Furniture Ceiling   and connect to their new colour palette painted on their north wall. The theme was called ‘Connection’ and of course what better way to demon-straight the theme by using cotton rope, computer cable and some amazing Macramé connecting knots.

It took over 20 hours to create, I developed bicep muscles and I learnt how to operate a cheery picker. Macrame can come with many perks!

Thank you to Bree, (Texture Design) Rachel (Dulux) and Space furniture team for being amazing xox

IMG_1293Sketch Phase


Order Phase. Used approximately 900 meters of rope. 12mm Cotton Sash cord. All Australian made.


Making Phase. This is the time where I wish I had a warehouse studio with at least 20 foot ceilings.


Installation Phase. What lots of fun!

IMG_3315 Admire Stage. It took another 5 hours to complete the piece onsite. You always under estimate how long things take.


View from Church Street, Richmond. It’s an amazing feeling putting your blood & sweat into something you love and seeing this come to life.

It’s weaving time

With my loom now set up, it’s time to start weaving. This is the fun part!

At set up stage I like to pre-plan what colours and material I would like to weave. At times the combination don’t work as well as I had envisaged but 8 out 10 times it’s a success. I’m also not one to plan the colour weaving sequence itself, I like to randomly weave each material on the fly so that it creates it’s own unique identity. Give the pieces a bespoke look; The ‘Not one alike’ approach which is 60% the focus of my work. Who wants the same as Julie Blogs from down the road!! Below are working progress photos for the first cushion colour range.


Rag-Weaving-05 Rag-Weaving-02 Rag-Weaving-01


Love using the macro lens.

Charlene -xox-


Back on the loom

I’m finally back on the loom and super excited to be making a new range of woven textiles. Yay!  I’m thinking woven cushions. My last set of woven cushions turned out OK but I have high expectations of myself and decided these would be prototypes. After 9 weeks, they have been able to withstand the sofa, washing and cat test. Yes….Ruby ny cat likes to sleep and dig her claws into soft, cushy fabrics. I really do love this part of the process.






Warp-&-Weft_Weaving-04Not my finest moment…



The Warp & Weft mascot…Ruby. The contortionist who loves to sleep.

It’s Complete

With the colder weather coming, it is becoming less inspiring to get out of the house so I am taking the opportunity this weekend to conquer a few tasks. My first task, to finish my Macramé Art piece, the first of it’s collection and the end results….super fantastic!

On my last post I mentioned this piece was inspired by a leafy spider web. If you haven’t seen one, they twist and turn, wrapping around a leaf. The interesting thing is it has no symmetry like typically spider web. Spending time this easter at my dad & Isabell in East Gipsland who both own a large property with lots of tree and plants is where it all started.

Here is the final product…


Warp & Weft Warp & Weft Warp & Weft Warp & Weft Spider-Web-Design_06 Warp & Weft Spider-Web-Design_07

Luv Chalene xox





Macrame Art Project

Hi everyone,

My first official post on my new website. Yah!

Recently I have taken on a new element to my Warp & Weft ‘Macrame’ collection called Macrame Art. Why? Because I can and I love the fact that macrame can be designed to any shape or form. I also wanted to not just offer the classic macrame products but something a little more special. A feature art piece that can be displayed in a home or commercial space.

So….how is it going? Great!! I have only started working on one piece, but love what I am seeing. Inspiration was take from leaf curing spider webs.



Setting Up

Who said setting up a all new website would be easy?!
Over the last couple of weeks I decided to move website hoster.
I’m slowly starting to put together the final pieces of my new website and I can honesty say I am liking what I see.

A big thank you to my husband Carl for helping me out in a big way. What would I do without you! Kiss Kiss
The new website is almost complete. 70% there!


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