Hello and welcome to Warp & Weft. My name is Charlene Spiteri, a textile designer and Macrame queen, or as the recent ABC master crafter episode sighted; designer, cloth maker, technical skilled weaver.

Warp and Weft, a term you may be familiar with which means in weaving terms, ‘Warp’ – lots of strands of yarn is positioned on a loom length ways. ‘Weft’ – the direction yarn is placed into the warp, horizontally then interwoven together to create a textile. “It’s my past, my heritage of weaving and it’s skills that brings me here”

I also recall as a child, mum having a house full of Macrame. Pot hangers mostly; covering corners of walls, or on our veranda where there would be multiples. Today Macrame is taking on a new resurgence and is being brought back from the 60’s and 70’s into todays home.  My hand knotted pieces are designed in a range of both classic and modern styles from wall hangings to pot hanger. Pieces are made to order as well as custom design made.

All my pieces are made in Melbourne using locally sourced materials and hand made using sustainable methods.

More About me

  • 16 Years weaving experience
  • RMIT BOA Textile Design, Ass Dip Studio Textiles, Ad Dip Business Marketing
  • Love my four biggest fans, Carl Duke, our Twin boys, Coen & Alex & our pussy cat ‘Ruby’
  • Contract professionally for GM Holden Design Colour and Trim department
  • Residential and commercial projects